At TDC, our training is based on the world-renowned Royal Academy of Dance syllabi.

The Academy considers professional training of young children in classical ballet to be vitally important. The Academy’s syllabi have been devised with great care to enable a child to progress through their dance training in planned stages, demanding no more of a young body than it can cope with.
–Royal Academy of Dance

Pre-school Dance Ages 2-3

Pre-school dance will develop the young students appreciation for movement and musicality while allowing them to explore and express themselves.  Students will receive an introduction to Ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop and Tap.  Parents are welcome in the room as their little ones grow in confidence.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 3-4)

Pre-Ballet is a fun way to introduce classical ballet to children. It teaches them the enjoyment of dance through movement and music, while developing co-ordination, body awareness, musicality, expressiveness, and poise.

Pre-Primary (Age 5)

Pre-Primary Ballet builds on the elements taught in Pre-Ballet, but now involves the beginning of proper ballet technique. This technique is crucial, for it is the foundation of every style of dance.

Royal Academy of Dance Grading Structure (Ages 6+) Primary to Advanced

Starting at age 6, all ballet students will begin their RAD syllabus training and exams. Each grade follows a set syllabus that has been carefully formulated to ensure optimal technique and strength progression.


Junior (Age 5) to Advanced

Jazz at TDC is based on the original Luigi Method, which we have contemporized to reflect today’s music and dance styles. Classes are categorized as Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced. We also offer a Senior Jazz for less experienced teenagers.


Junior (Age 5) to Advanced

The tap syllabus is a freestyle tap based on the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) technique and various other influences. Classes are categorized as Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced. We also offer a Senior Jazz for less experienced teenagers.


TDC is excited to be able to offer different Masterclasses and Workshops to our students on a regular, ongoing basis. Styles will include, Broadway (featuring original Broadway choreography), Modern, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acting, and Audition Prep.


Modern dance emcompasses a wide range of styles which have broken away from codified movements and balletic styles.  Beginner, intermediate and advanced Modern classes will focus on Graham (Martha Graham) and Limon (Jose Limon) technique.  Graham technique focuses on specific body movements such as the contraction, release and spiral which have all had profound influence on the development of modern dance.

Limon technique will aid students to find their own movement and personal uniqueness while focusing on the quality of the body’s weight (fall and rebound).  Modern classes will include floor work, center work and combinations moving across the floor.  Classes will also engage students in elements of contact improvisation and individual improvisation.


Hip-hop classes will engage students by transforming the rhythm and energy of hiphop music into the latest urban dance moves.  Students will learn commercial hip-hop as seen in rap, R&B and pop music videos.  Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes  promise to be fun, challenging and great exercise.